We build customized IoT and digital out-of-home (DOOH) solutions that personalize the customer experience

Connect with your customers in more relevant and meaningful ways through interactive customer experience technology.

Integrated Tech Solutions

Our technology

Our digital solutions help businesses reach customers and target audiences by leveraging cloud technology from Amazon and Google. We incorporate machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create solutions that scale and improve with time and use.

Since our platform is device agnostic, we are able to manage screen networks of any type and size across the globe; providing solutions for Android, web, digital signage, kiosks, and more. With robust development kits, we handle everything from design to development, deployment and quality assurance. Our technology team works closely with and alongside our industry-leading partners and clients to deliver unmatched solutions that drive results.

Technology Pillars


Cloud-Based Screen Network Management

Cloud-Based Screen
Network Management
Easily monitor, operate and manage your entire network of screens from the cloud.

Content and Media Deployment Modules

Content and Media
Deployment Modules
Optimize and manage content across your screen network, push OTA updates and add or remove content as necessary.

Automated Internal Notification & Communication Toolset

Automated Internal Notification & Communication Toolset
Schedule network notifications for any and all screen activities including network outages, device health and uptime.

Robust Mobile Device Tracking Capabilities

Robust Mobile Device
Tracking Capabilities
Know the locations of your device at all times, track your inventory and re-boot and lock devices at any time.

Automated Device Provisioning and Deployment

Automated Device Provisioning and Deployment
Prepare and deploy devices for the end-user with ease and deliver new feature sets and programs in record time.

Real-Time Data Analytics

Real-Time Data Analytics
Direct from the source, real-time data provides instant insights, increases business intelligence and gives you better decision making power.

Rich Customer Insights

Rich Customer Insights
Understand user data to improve the customer experience, enhance your feature sets and increase brand loyalty.

DOOH and Connected TV Inventory Management

DOOH and Connected TV Inventory Management
Manage and monetize on connected TV inventory and DooH advertising opportunities to increase revenue.


Our solutions are built to grow as you grow, enabling your screen network to scale as quickly as required.

Customization and Branding

Customization and Branding
Our platforms and solutions are fully customizable so you can add company branding and provide a truly unique customer experience.

Differentiated Advertiser Demand

Differentiated Advertiser Demand
Connect to major DSPs, agencies and trading desks all from one platform.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Device Rental Applications

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Device
Rental Applications
Gain ancillary revenue with long or short-term device rentals.

Syndicate Premium Content with Pre-Sold Advertising Campaigns

Syndicate Premium Content with Pre-Sold Advertising Campaigns
Our premium, syndicated content is available to our partners with the added benefit of pre-sold advertising campaigns.

Premium DSP and Trading Desk Relationships and Integrations

Premium DSP and Trading Desk Relationships and Integrations
Partnering with Edison means you get access to premier DSP and Trade Desk partners so you can easily manage and monitor digital advertising inventory.

Automated Data-Driven Yield Optimization

Automated Data-Driven
Yield Optimization
Control levers that automatically adjust campaigns to improve your expected ROI.

Edison’s next generation cloud platform provides significant market advantage

  • Secure, scalable, pure-cloud architecture
  • Leverages Verizon 4G LTE
  • Mobile-first content and ad management
  • IoT device support and remote management
  • White-labeled solutions
  • Forecasting and predictive analysis of data sets with machine learning algorithms
  • AI based user preferences and content / media filtering
  • Fully componentized framework offering for code re-use and rapid deployment
  • Plug and play technology

Gain more customers and leverage technology to generate revenue.

Partnering with Edison for your technology solutions means you gain access to our industry-leading partners, such as Verizon Media, Samsung and Captivate, to enhance your product, gain sales and advertising support, and provide premier content to your audience.

  • Integration with hundreds of third-party apps
    (Google Maps, Yahoo, Radio.com, OpenTable and many more)
  • Turn-key audio and video solutions
  • Premier content
    (Yahoo, PGA, Chive TV, TechCrunch and more)
  • Advertising, including ad placement and management
  • Payment solutions

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