Top GPS Fleet Tracking Companies: Edison Interactive

December 13, 2021

top gps fleet tracking companiesThe top GPS fleet tracking companies leverage cutting-edge technology to improve client experiences and make fleet management a lot more efficient. With the ability to track their vehicles, car rentals and other fleet vehicle-based businesses can access valuable data to streamline processes, boost internal communication, and provide detailed location information to customers. Edison Interactive is among the top fleet tracking companies, delivering intuitive admin panels to businesses like AVIS Budget Group, so they can manage devices, distribute content, and track rental car inventory through thousands of screens located around North America.

How Top Fleet Tracking Companies Benefit Businesses

Wondering how these screens benefit businesses? Ultimately, top GPS fleet tracking companies provide an easy-to-navigate panel from the admin side, which connects with screens throughout your fleet, providing detailed data on location for both round-trip and one-way rentals, as well as easy management of inventory, marketing messages, and reporting. With insights directly from the vehicles within your fleet, you can better manage your business and deliver a better experience to customers.

AVIS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Company Success

Arguably the most successful vehicle tracking & fleet management company is AVIS budget group, which has been a leader in car rentals for several decades. Despite being around for a long time, they remain at the forefront of innovation within the industry. Major players like AVIS have experienced an influx of car rental revenue, attributed largely to an increase in disposable income among users, and improved services with smart digital solutions integrated into these vehicles.

Enhanced Digital Experiences

One of the primary purposes for installing these devices is the enhanced user experience for customers. The Digital Travel Assistant provided within AVIS fleet vehicles does just that. Powered by Verizon 4G LTE, this screen is a durable Samsung device that benefits vacationers, those traveling for work, and everyone in between with advanced connectivity and features. From the consumer side, a single screen provides the ultimate travel experience with navigation features as well as unlimited international calls and texts, wireless internet hotspots on up to five devices, google translate, and local attractions insights. Combined, they can learn more about their destination and improve their time spent on the road.

Beyond these super helpful features, there are also plenty of entertainment applications, such as audio and video screening, gaming, and social media – all of which can make long car rides much more enjoyable for passengers. With access to additional entertainment options within their rental vehicles, all on an extremely user-friendly interface, customers feel more connected and satisfied with their rental experience. Ultimately, they are equipped with everything they need to succeed in their vehicle.

GPS Device Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Company

Where are your vehicles located? The nature of car rentals brings vehicles to places throughout the continent. As GPS technology improves, the process of tracking these vehicles becomes better than ever. With an intuitive internal platform, administrators can access this information and see where their vehicles are, gaining valuable data for running their businesses and maintaining their fleet. This information can be used to continue to improve their customer experiences and ensure vehicles are on track, connected, and protected.

Inventory Management and Rental Reconciliation

Another benefit to these top GPS fleet tracking companies’ devices is the insights into your inventory. Learn where your vehicles are currently, and where they are heading next. This assists with smoother rental reconciliation, because various locations know where their vehicles currently reside, and when one is going to return. Employees can then provide more accurate predictions for reconciliation, which ultimately benefits the end-user while improving processes internally.

Corporate Communicationtop fleet tracking companies

Built into our vehicle tracking & fleet management company technology are automated internal notifications and corporate communication tools. These deliver insights on outages, device health, and beyond. Knowing this, admins can jump into action and ensure that their communication is restored with that vehicle. These internal users can also push updates to screens located around the country, ensuring their customers are receiving the latest and greatest features, and they are collecting accurate and reliable data from their technology.

Advertising and Content Management

Having a customizable screen within your fleet vehicles also welcomes opportunities to deliver marketing and content to those within the vehicles. This allows ongoing marketing messages and advertisements to be presented and creates opportunities to upsell within the vehicle, right from their interactive screen. With the rise of digital-out-of-home media, these messages are being met with more interest and more interaction from viewers. It also builds on existing revenue from users, and according to digital out-of-home advertising statistics and trends, increases brand recognition over time. Messages can get pushed to vehicles around the country from one single admin screen for ultimate efficiency. Learn more: what does DOOH mean?

Analytics and Reporting

Gaining detailed analytics on customer journeys are among one of the predominant benefits of top GPS fleet tracking companies. With insights into their experience, what is working and what isn’t working, as well as more information into their journey – admins earn a clear, data-backed path forward for their business. Decision makers can take that information and implement ongoing improvements to their customer experiences and uncover opportunities to adjust the strategy within a vehicle tracking & fleet management company. It’s all available in one, easily accessible spot.

Taking Advantage of Top GPS Fleet Tracking Companiesvehicle tracking & fleet management company

Ultimately, the vehicles that these devices have been implemented in have delivered excellent customer experiences to travelers, resulting in a rating of 4.85 stars from over 1,900 customer reviews, and a total of 3.5 million application hours. They are available at more than 230 locations across North America and their presence continues to expand. Not only do people interact with these devices, but they also depend on them to make their travel experience easier every step of the way – for entertainment and for important logistical uses like GPS and easy language translation.

Most people do not fully equip their personal phone or device with enhanced travel features, which is why the digital travel assistant curates everything they need in one convenient place, right on their dashboard. Edison Interactive delivers expert insights into the features that benefit your businesses and improve experiences for customers and businesses across the world. Then, we design and build technology that meet their needs, providing a path forward for seamless scaling. See our success stories to learn how we have helped businesses of all kinds upgrade and customize their technology for ultimate efficiency, creative marketing, and ongoing growth.

Getting Top Fleet Tracking Companies Technology

Interesting in accessing technology for top fleet tracking companies? Edison Interactive is an interactive software company that designs cutting-edge customer experience technology for businesses in nearly any industry. With custom digital solutions and advertising technology, customers enjoy enhanced experiences with your brand, with more features and interaction.

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